meI’m a writer and audio producer with a love for telling stories. I’ve moved from producing VFX, animation and film to my true love – audio. I’ve worked for some bigs names over the years and now I’m producing podcasts for you. If you’re curious about the potential of a podcast, then get in touch and see how my work can expand your brand and introduce you to a whole new set of customers!

On a personal note, I grew up in Dublin with two older sisters and a strong independent mother. We were surrounded by grandmothers, aunts, great aunts, female cousins and friends all equally successful, fiercely opinionated and happy to share their time with us. So I’m not surprised I’m obsessed with women’s issues. My blog is my way of exploring this.

But like anything, I seek to explore and understand the human condition. The darker side of life. Why we act the way we do? Why we marginalise those we don’t understand? To hear some of my work head to my audio section. To watch it, go to my film section.

And don’t be shy! Get in touch.

Ciara x