Wireless Nights

Now this one surprised me. I grew up with Jarvis Cocker (of Pulp fame) and to be honest I never got his humour. I found his skinny, deranged looking appearance a nuisance. And well, his music never really took my fancy. So when his BBC Radio 4 podcast - Wireless Nights - was suggested to [...]

Roll up, Roll up. Get your Podcasts here.

I have to admit, I get a kick out giving podcast recommendations. Leading friends and acquaintances to this beautiful sea of audio, full of choice and expectation. And later listening as they tell me what they loved. And hated. I'll never forget how I first discovered them. What joy it brought to my life. All [...]

The Political Gamut

I have been considering a career change. Politics. Well, I was for about two minutes. Then I realised I don't have the energy for Irish politics. Nor do I have the right genitalia, it seems. See when Leo Varadkar became our super new Taoiseach (Prime Minister) I thought this might be our Justin Trudeau or [...]

Consenting Adults…

Over the past few years, there has been a notable rise in concern regarding the question of consent in cases of sexual assault. It's not simply that someone was raped or assaulted without their consent. It's that the victim, according to their alleged attacker, was compliant. This, I suppose, is nothing new. Such are the [...]

When Politicians bully…

  Ever heard of the Streisand Effect? In a nutshell, it is when an attempt to suppress, hide or censor a piece of information inadvertently results in that information becoming widely known. It was coined in 2005, two years after Barbara Streisand sued a photographer for including photos of her Malibu home in an online catalogue [...]

An Open Letter

On the 8th March 2017, Larissa Nolan wrote an impassioned piece for the Irish Times about why she felt the Repeal the 8th March would fail. For many reasons, detailed below, I felt the need to respond. I was disappointed that several publications I approached weren't interested in publishing my piece. Perhaps it was too moderate? This is an extremely heated debate that is gaining momentum, for which I'm glad. But I feel it's important that all voices are heard and that we try and understand as many viewpoints as possible. So with that in mind, here is my open letter to Larissa Nolan and others who feel marginalised by the pro-choice campaign.