Christmas time, beauty time, me time!

The great thing about Christmas is all the goodies you get. Okay, there’s family time thrown in there too but let’s face it, we like the holidays so we can chill out and take some me time. Well, Santa was very good to me this year and brought some nice beauty treats my way. And it also made me think it was time to check in about my Liz Earle experience so far.

The main thing I was looking forward to from Santa was a voucher to try the Express Brightening Enzyme Facial from Oslo Beauty. Apparently this is little firecracker of a facial, only 25 mins long, is exactly what you need if you don’t have time and money for more expensive treatments. Because I don’t get facials regularly or really often enough, I’m hesitant to spend a lot of money until I know I like the products they use and the people who are doing the treatment. I’ve heard this facial will cover all your facial needs whilst also keeping within budget – €50. Not bad. I’ll report back.

I also got a Sanctuary salt scrub. This brand knows how to do scrubs. Pretty delicate on the skin, not too harsh on the pocket and it still feels like something luxurious. And you’ve such soft, silky smooth skin afterwards. Also what I love about it is how you use it. You don’t need to be bone dry to begin with, which can often be quite irritating. Simply because sometimes I forget and get wet before I remember I wanted to exfoliate. So you drench your skin and then massage it in. Or, if you’ve time, you can massage it in to dry skin then soak in a lovely warm bath! Perfect for the gal on the go or a winter treat! Can’t wait!

I’ve been on my new Liz Earle regime for over two months and I have to admit it took me a while to settle in to it. I love the process of the gentle cleanser with the warm muslin cloth to help exfoliate the skin. This has really rejuvenated my skin but I was shocked at how much I broke out. And it wasn’t like a week long break out. My skin had spots for a good while. Long enough to make me consider returning to my old products. It’s cleared now (I should add that I’ve been under a lot of stress recently, which could have added to the breakout) but for someone who’s always had quite good skin it was hard to digest. I want to believe it had nothing to do with my new regime. I do think the amount of water I was drinking or not drinking was having an impact. It really is key to the health of your skin. And in fairness, it was a complete overhaul of my regime so spots were inevitable but I do still get them, which at my age seems a little unusual. I have invested again in the brand and bought a new set of the same products but I’ll be keeping a beady eye on my skin.

New Cleansing Regime

liz-earleLook what I got this morning!!

I never get things in the post so this was lovely surprise – I did order it. I just didn’t expect it so soon!

I wouldn’t usually be one of those people who obsessed about her skin but since turning thirty a few years ago I’ve noticed some changes. I was very happy with my current skin care regime. I would use La Roche Posay face wash in the morning and night, followed by their Hydraphase moisturiser and Bobbi Brown’s eye cream. Some times if I’m very tired or don’t have hot water, I’ll use La Roche Posay’s Eau Micellaire to cleanse my face at night. What I loved about this product what how natural it was. No soap or perfume. But I’ve noticed recently that I’m breaking out more often and my skin just doesn’t feel as clear as it used to. I suppose I’m that little bit older, my skin is a bit more dehydrated and I’m definitely more stressed.

So I chatted with my girlfriends, my go to source for all my health and life related queries really. And a few of them swear by Liz Earle. I’ll admit I tried her exfoliator before and wasn’t too impressed. I also have her face mask and again wasn’t totally blown away. But this time, I more committed (and maybe a little foolish, though I did get this whole pack for €60, so it was worth trying)

So what have I got: liz-earle-products

The Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser & two muslin cloths

The Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Skin Repair Mosituriser – I wasn’t sure which moisturiser to go for. Despite my age and the amount of money I spend my skincare, I still don’t know what type of skin I have. I know it can be a bit sensitive and I have dryness around my jawline but I would still consider my skin to be combination. I’m hoping  with regular light exfoliation with the muslin cloth and a good moisturiser, my skin with start to improve.

I also got a free gift of their Super Skin Hand Serum.

Not a bad haul for €60

my-skinThe current condition of my skin. Doesn’t actually look too bad. Just can’t pick up the spots on this camera.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Also, if you want to listen to Ms Earle herself talk about her products and give some suggestions for your skincare woes, she just happened to be interviewed an a radio show I freelance for, The Anton Savage Show. Listen here




Hands and Feet … what a treat

VLDE6265One of my favourite things to do is get a manicure. And now a pedicure. I used to be very ticklish but I enjoy them now. Yes it’s girly but it’s so affordable these days that it seems silly not to get it done regularly. Your hands and feet are subject to all sorts of hard work. Every day. I think we sort of forget. If you work on your feet they can get dry and cracked. I wash my hands god knows how many times a day so they get ridiculously dry. So we need to protect them and take care of them. And sure why not put a lovely colour on them at the same.

I’m sooooo bad at doing my own nails. I always smudge them. And in spectacular fashion. I’ll have put on two layers, a base and a top coat. I’ll be waiting patiently for every finger to dry. Then, thinking I’m safe, I’ll get an urge to scratch my face or open something that requires my nails. And wham they’re smudged. Actually, a friend told me once, a great trick is to paint your nails in bed. Just before you go to sleep. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest the whole shebang of many coats as they will definitely still smudge. But one or two layers are fine. Then read your book and chill. Once you go to sleep your nails should be pretty dry and you won’t destroy them by trying to use your hands (unless of course you have a bed fellow! Well then you should just enjoy them and not do DIY nails).

But if, like me, you prefer to get a professional to do them, then head to one of the many fab salons around the city. There are actually so many it’s hard to choose. I’ve still to try Tropical Popical mainly because I’m a creature of habit and I love 5th Avenue and Nails. The latter is probably a little no fuss and no frills but they do such a good job, I can’t complain. The former is a bit more plush. Both, in my experience, are great. And the manicure’s last. As for Tropical Popical, I’ve heard some great things about them. With autumn fast approaching, I want to find some new fun colours and I think that will be next stop for a manicure. I’ll let you know how I get on x

Find your giggle

Happiness often comes from unexpected places. A glass of vino with an old friend. Re-reading a favourite book. Going for a walk beside the sea. Mine is sharing a giggle with my mum. She’s a hoot at the best of times. But sometimes the laugh we share comes out of nowhere.

Like on a shopping trip. See she’s got a fab sense of style. What’s great about her is how she can spot an outfit’s potential on it’s lonely hanger.

But sometimes, just sometimes, she gets it wrong. And oh boy…. can she get it wrong.

IMG_1652These are some photos from our last shopping trip together.

Now, I would have said these outfits had no hanger appeal, but mommy dearest had faith.

This blue frock was more akin to a night gown from the 1940’s.  It actually matched the doors to the dressing room (despite being completely see-through).

The pink one we couldn’t figure out how you were supposed to wear it. I wish I’d recorded us trying to.


Anyway I just wanted to share this because it brightened up both our days. Laughing and being silly in these outfits, which I’m sure looked fab on someone else, gave us a great joy!

I still look back on these pics and giggle


Got me a Facial

GCVH0431I’ll start off with this… you wouldn’t want to be vain. The pic to the left is me post facial. A little rouge but I think you can see the nice glow from the treatment.

Last week I went to Rouge in Ranelagh for an express facial. Thirty minutes of pure heaven for €35.

Nice room. No fuss. Not too many frills, but for 35 quid it’s perfect. The treatment itself is very relaxing. Exfoliating, cleaning, extracting, moisturising and a lovely shoulder rub to top it all off.

What I like about Rouge is they don’t push their products on you. There’s not too much chatter if you don’t want it and the treatments are reasonable. Lots to choose from on their website. I’ll also add that there are obviously a lot more options out there for salons and I will be going to a few of them (yay!) over the next few months!

Admittedly this is only my second facial so I don’t have much to compare it with but I think this is the perfect top up to a regular routine. And for a broke gal in need of some lovin’ it was perfect. The next step is to go the whole hog for the hour and see the difference.

Any suggestions of places to try let me know!

Can’t wait x