Christmas time, beauty time, me time!

The great thing about Christmas is all the goodies you get. Okay, there's family time thrown in there too but let's face it, we like the holidays so we can chill out and take some me time. Well, Santa was very good to me this year and brought some nice beauty treats my way. And … Continue reading Christmas time, beauty time, me time!

New Cleansing Regime

Look what I got this morning!! I never get things in the post so this was lovely surprise - I did order it. I just didn't expect it so soon! I wouldn't usually be one of those people who obsessed about her skin but since turning thirty a few years ago I've noticed some changes. … Continue reading New Cleansing Regime

Hands and Feet … what a treat

One of my favourite things to do is get a manicure. And now a pedicure. I used to be very ticklish but I enjoy them now. Yes it's girly but it's so affordable these days that it seems silly not to get it done regularly. Your hands and feet are subject to all sorts of … Continue reading Hands and Feet … what a treat