Here is a selection of the short films I have produced.

Hasan Everywhere

Hasan Everywhere 02A multiple award winning animated short film about the relationship between Israeli writer, Dorit Rabinyan, and Palestinian artist, Hasan Hourani, based on an article written by Dorit for The Guardian.

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A wonderfully sweet, self funded, short film about how a friendship can grow despite a language barrier.

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Toy Soliders

Toy Soldiers 02

This multi award winning short film was produced through the Film Offaly finance award. A coming of age tale about two brothers whose relationship and friendship is tested in the toughest of ways.

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Redline Poster_films page

Eight lives unwittingly connected through one common theme. As they go about their normal day in Dublin, an innocuous event creates a ripple effect and the chips begin to fall for one cog in this wheel.

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Promised Land

Promised LandTwo sets of friends start two different journeys one fateful morning. Their paths cross unexpectedly but what happens will change their lives forever.

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