What We Do

Would you love greater brand awareness? Or to become a thought leader in your chosen field? Perhaps you simply want to connect with your customers in a new and exciting way? Or would you like to distill the amazing stories behind your business and convert them into something engaging?

A beautifully crafted podcast can do just that!

My grá is telling stories. Your stories. Littlelarge, bittersweet and wonderful. There’s nothing more intimate and powerful than a good story told well. Pointed directly at your customer, selling your brand, your service all in a neat, little package.

If you’re curious about the potential of a podcast, what it can do for your business, then get in touch and see how my work can expand your brand and introduce you to a whole new set of customers!


About Ciara:

For the past ten years, I have produced content for and with some of the biggest and most respected public radio and media organisations in Europe and the US, including BBC, Netflix, The History Channel and Mattel. My audio and film work has been featured on WGBH, WCAI and RTE and my short films have won awards both at home and abroad.